hortūs nailworks

we are an all natural nail & sugaring studio + shop! in the lower east side. we believe in being mindful, organic & sustainable whenever possible. 

our goal is to deliver beauty and healing benefits to you from the treatments we provide. skin care products used in our services are thoughtfully handcrafted, in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients. often food grade and locally made, non-gmo, always non-toxic and organic wherever possible. this ensures the highest level of quality, freshness, and effectiveness to provide the most nourishing and pampering experience.

we have a large selection of 10 free nail polishes as well as soy based removers free of harsh chemicals. all available for those who desire an experience as free of toxins as possible. our Manicure and pedicure treatments offered are both beautifying as well as healing. We believe in offering nourishing treatments that provide your skin and nails with restorative benefits. after all, beauty is wellness. all delivered to you in a gorgeous, green and soothing environment.

we also offer sugaring services at our studio. it's an all natural alternative to waxing yet much more effective and safe. an ancient form of hair removal, sugaring is an all natural, food grade, and a very clean and sustainable method that is much kinder on the skin as well as the planet! no strips and completely biodegradable. it's highly effective and healing with wonderful skin smoothing benefits.

products offered at our HORTŪS shop include thoughtfully crafted organic skin care and beautiful handmade fine jewelry.