hortūs nailworks


the new yorker

this speedy service was designed to keep pace with city life. includes quick hangnail trim (no cuticle pushback or detailing) and light nail shaping topped off with your favorite shade of lacquer.  you can also choose to keep them natural yet polished with a high gloss buff.

hands  15 – feet  25

luxe express

a skin nourishing treatment for those on the go. hands/feet are massaged with a luxurious lotion that is light yet deeply hydrating. quick hangnail trim (no cuticle push back or detailing)  and light nail shaping. includes light callus removal on feet. service concludes with lacquer or a high shine buff.

hands  20 – feet  35

hortus signature

this nourishing yet refreshing treatment incorporates all-natural, organic olive oil based products. nails are shaped and hands/feet dip into a detoxifying soak of sea salt.  a refreshing and hydrating massage follows precise cuticle care and smoothing of callused skin.

hands  25 – feet  40

hortus happy hour : monday - wednesday, 11am - 4pm (last call) signature manicure & pedicure  $50 ~cash only for happy hour please. no exceptions.

color gel add-on (hands only) to happy hour $75, with gel removal $85 ~ cash only.

healing lavender

healing and transforming, this organic olive oil based treatment begins with a soothing and detoxifying sea salt soak. hands/feet are polished with an exfoliating scrub to smooth and prep skin for intense moisture. healing butter is massaged into skin to deeply hydrate, repair and lock in moisture. 

hands  40 – feet  58

color gel add-on hands ~ additional $25 (does not include gel removal)

color gel add-on feet ~ additional $45 (does not include gel removal)

the works                                                  

this detoxifying and restorative indulgence begins with a nutrient rich soak of dead sea and ancient himalayan pink salts. skin is polished and renewed with an organic sugar scrub followed by a detoxifying clay mask to soften, smooth and balance skin. additional smoothing of callused skin is followed by an intensely nourishing cream massage to hydrate, restore and revitalize parched and tired skin. 

hands  48 – feet  70

color gel add-on hands ~ additional $25 (does not include gel removal)

color gel add-on feet ~ additional $45 (does not include gel removal)

color gel

precise application of color gel follows deep cuticle care and nail shaping. our selection of long lasting, pure color gels are free of harsh, damaging chemicals and are vitamin enriched to nourish nails. a light and hydrating  lotion massage restores much needed moisture to skin.

hands 40 – feet 70

little hortus

for our guests 10 years and younger, a little version of our signature hortus manicure/pedicure.

hands  12 – feet  20

additional services

glitter color gel gradation - two colors
hands+25 - feet  +30

color gel french tips
hands +15 - feet +20

color gel half moon design
hands +25 - feet +30

just lacquer change    
hands  10 - feet  15

lacquer french tips
hands  +10 - feet  +12

lacquer half moon design
hands  +20 - feet  +25

glitter gradation - two colors
hands  +15 - feet  +20

nail design
5 - 10 each    

color gel removal
10 - 15

extra callus removal
10 - 15

massage - starting at 10 minutes
10 minutes 15

high gloss buff is offered in lieu of lacquer in all of our manicure and pedicure services


*prices and services subject to change*